What industries are growing in California?

According to the California Employee Development Project, though some sectors of California's economy are struggling, there are many, many industries within the state that are expected to show a lot of growth by 2020. Construction should pick back up, as should real estate and financial services. The EDD also believes wholesale trade will grow by 25.8% by 2020, and that retail trade will grow by 22% in the same timeframe.

High technology, which has completely redefined California's economy over the last few decades, is also expected to make some serious gains - software publishing is supposed to grow by 36%, and the wholesale electronics market is expected to see a 51.6% growth rate.

Scientific and technical consulting should also tremendous growth, with predictions that the sector will grow by 57.4% by 2020 - the larger category of business and professional services, which it is a part of, should grow by 23.3%.

Of course, these are just a few of the many different, vibrant industries that make up California's highly diverse and healthy economy.

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What Are the Growing Industries In California?

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